Goods removed with HM Revenue & Customs' permission from approved inland or frontier premises under New Export System ( NES). This will be achieved through use of a CHIEF print or manual C130EX. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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removal re‧mov‧al [rɪˈmuːvl] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the act of taking something away:

• the removal by Mexico of barriers to direct U.S. investment

2. when someone is forced to leave their job or position:

• a meeting to consider the removal of a majority of the board

• These executive removals aren't due to fraud, but simple incompetence.

3. PROPERTY the act of moving from one office, house etc to another:

• the removal of its editorial offices to London

4. removals [plural] TRANSPORT the business of packing equipment, furniture etc and moving it from one place to another:

• a removals firm

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removal UK US /rɪˈmuːvəl/ noun
[C or U] the process of removing or getting rid of something, often something that is considered to be harmful: the removal of sth »

The removal of duties and taxes on trade within the EU has created an environment in which competition can flourish.


Government advisers have requested the drug's removal from the market for safety reasons.


toxic waste removal

[C or U] HR, WORKPLACE the process of forcing someone to leave their job or position: »

A special meeting was called to discuss the removal of the chairman.


She faced removal from office almost two years into her four-year term.

[C or U] UK PROPERTY the process of moving furniture, equipment, and other possessions from one office, home, etc. to another: »

a removal company/firm


removal costs/expenses

removals — Cf. removals

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